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Cable Blindado SATA II Conectores Rectos x 75 cm (0.75m). Color Negro
SATA II provides transmission rates up to 3GBit/s (ca. 300MB/s). Cables are extra shielded but stay flexible. The maximum cable length of this specification is 1m.


Connection cable between SATA devices and Mainboard/Controller.
This cable can be used to connect a SATA drive such as a HDD or DVD-drive to the Mainboard or SATA Controller.
Please make sure that your drive is SATA and not IDE, as the cable is not compatible to IDE devices.

The cable is elaborately shielded to make it perfect for use in a PC. Both connectors are straight and perfect for a direct connection.

Technical details:
Length: 100cm
Color: Black
Connectors: 2x straight