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Xigmatek XLF-F1455 Blackline - LEDs Blancos - (140x140x25mm)

The XLF-F1455 140mm fan is not only an eyecatcher, it also features great flow for your system. With a maximum speed of 1000rpm and a flow of 63.5CFM it still emits only 16 dBA of noise. The luminant LEDs and the transparent yet still beautifully shaded housing and fan blades make your case a spotlight. The XLF-F1455 is the perfect coice!

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 140x140x25mm
Colour: Black transparent frame and fan blades, 4 white LEDs
Nominal voltage: 12 Volts
Nominal speed: 1700rpm (+/- 10%)
Airflow: 63,5 CFM, 108 m³/h
Noise emissions: 16 dBA
Connector: 3Pin (4-Pin adaptor included)
Lifespan: 50.000hrs