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Set de 4 Sujetadores de Goma para Coolers de Marco/Esquinero Cerrado (Closed Chassis) Extra Largos x 68mm

Fans are some of the most noisy components in PCs. Usually fans are screwed directly to the case and can therefore transmit vibration to the case. The case serves as a resonator which amplifies the noise level. The easiest way to avoid such amplifications is to decouple the fan from the case. Especially for that purpose these vibration absorbers were designed. The kit consists of 4 rubber elements with which the fan is mounted in the case. The design of the absorbers prevents case and fan from having direct contact and therefore avoids transmission of fan vibrations. Installation can be done tool-free: At first the 4 rubber elements are installed on the fan and then on the case. They are simply put into the according holes and then have to be pulled into position, at which they will catch safely.

Technical details:

Color: Black
Dimension: 68mmx7mmx7mm