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EK-BAY Spin RES DUAL Loop - Acetal Negro 2x 5.25

A new reservoir with flow indicator! The EK-BAY Spin RES DUAL Loop is a successor to the EK-BAY Spin reservoir.
Again EK Water Blocks has introduced another innovative products which shows the wealth of ideas of this company. This reservoir is made from 5mm thick Plexi and Acetal, truly making it eye candy for the front of any system. The coolant flows directly from the inlet over the small spinner and hence indicates flow. The rear offers three different connection threads for use as outlets. They are spread over the rear of the reservoir to allow free choice of connection. Two adequate screw plugs for sealing of the unused threads are included. A 3/8" opening was also integrated for filing of the reservoir, a fitting screw plug is also included.
The reservoir can simply be mounted in the front of any case by pushing it into two neighboured and vacant 5.25" bays, no more sawing and drilling is needed!

Technical specifications:

Material: Acetal Black, Plexi
Dimensions (LxHxW): 145x84x6mm
Capacity: 200ml
Filling opening size: 2x3/8"
Connection thread size: 4xG1/4"
Mounting thread size: M3

Extent of delivery:

1x EK Water Blocks EK-BAY Spin RES DUAL Loop - Black Acetal
2x 1/4Zoll Screw plugs
2x Filling caps
4x M3 mounting screws
1x Allen key 8mm