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AEROCOOL Shark Fan Evil Black Edition 14cm - LEDs Naranja - (140x140x25mm)

Product Description

The Aerocool Shark Black Edition 140mm x 25mm fans are a great addition to any system. The fan comes with a Voltage reduction cable to allow operation @ 7V without a controller or external device. This allows a range of specs to be achieved with just one fan. The 15 blade design allows for higher air pressure and air flow! All the cables for the Shark Series are factory sleeved in black.


Innovative Fluid Dynamic Bearing for longer life span, higher precision rotation, and anti-shock function.
15 fan blades generates High Air Pressure and Air Flow.
Unique and Stylish "Shark Fin" Fan Blade design.
Duo Mode Operation - The Shark fan operates in both "Power" mode (12V) and "Silence" mode (7V - with adaptation of Voltage Reduction Cable).
All cables are sleeve wrapped in black.
Blue Edition fan comes with clear Blue Blades with 4 Blue LEDs
Black Edition fan comes with Glossy Black Blades without LED.


Standard Connection (Power mode):

Rated Voltage: 12V
Starting Voltage: <=6.0V
Power Consumption: 4.32W
Rated Current: 0.36A
Speed: 1500 RPM+-10%
Air Flow: 96.5 CMF
Air Pressure: 1.069 mm-H2O
Noise: 29.6dBA
MTBF: 100000 hours

Connect with Voltage Reduction Cable (Silence mode)

Rated Voltage: (To FAN)7V
Starting Voltage: <=6.0V
Power Consumption: 1.8W
Rated Current: 0.15A
Speed: 800 RPM+-10%
Air Flow: 50.0 CMF
Air Pressure: 0.305 mm-H2O
Noise: 14.5dBA
MTBF: 100000 hours

Extent of delivery:

Aerocool Shark Fan Black Evil Edition - Transparent Black - orange LED (140x140x25mm)
Adaptor cable for voltage reduction
3-Pin to 4-Pin adaptor
4x Vibration absorbers
4x Screws

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