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Set de 4 Sujetadores de Goma Antivibración (Open Chasis). Largo: 30mm. Modelo Delux con Pin de presión (para ser usados en coolers de Marco/Esquinero abierto)
Product Details:

These are a new style of deluxe rubber screw using a two piece constuction for easier install and removal and superior noise dampening.
These fan mounts not only mount your case fan - they dampen the vibration between the case (or other mounting surface) and the fan. This results in up to a seven decibel decrease in perceivable noise of a mounted fan.
Each package contains four fan vibration isolators with plugs which are compatible with standard fan screw holes and fans with open corners. The standard fan screw hole size is 7/32" (5.5 mm). Please double check your fan and case for compatibility before purchasing.
These fan mounts work with our 80mm, 92mm , and 120mm case fans. They don't work with 60mm case fans since 60mm fans have a smaller hole than the 7/32" standard fan screw hole.


* Prevents resonance, absorbs vibrations that otherwise would be transmitted from the fan into the computer case.
* More Stable and more reliable
* Many uses not just for case fans
* To be used on open chassis fans
* Great for fans, PSU and even case attachment
* 4 units to be used per fan


*21mm x 8mm and 13mm x 6mm

Note: These fan mounts work only on fans whose mounting holes are the easy fan mount type (which have no additional plastic beyond the hole).

Price is per Pack of 4