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Gelid FC-FX01 Regulador de rpm Individual

Gelid presents a small but powerful fan controller at a bargain-price.

This fan controller is connected in between the power source and the fan and adjust the fan speed as desired. The controller does not require an additional power connection. By adjusting the small knob on the black casing the output voltage can be adjusted. The output voltage range is from 5V to 12V. The controller unit is connected via a 3-Pin connector to any fan socket. The back of the casing is equipped with double-sided tape which allows flexible installation of the controller in the case.

Technical specifications:
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: (L xW x H): 42mm x 25mm x 19mm
Input voltage: 12V
Output voltage range: 5-12V
Maximum current output: 700 mA
Cable length: 50cm
Connector: 3-Pin

Extent of delivery:

Controller including cable