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Enermax UCTVD14A T.B. Vegas Duo ( 140x140x25mm )

The main design element on this fan is the patented LED ring. Unlike the so far standard 18 diodes the fans now have double respectively three times the number of LEDs. The T.B. Vegas trio is hence equipped with an overall amount of 54 diodes - 18 blue, 18 red and 18 green ones. A micro chip controls the diodes and hence allows the user to choose from a bandwidth of up to 14 different colourful effects. Besides the colour combinations the different T.B. Vegas fans vary by the speed control methods: The T.B. Vegas Duo has a turning knob for manual and step-less speed adjustments, the T.B. Vegas Trio is controlled via pulse width modulation (PWM). For smooth and quiet operation, as in all Enermax fan series, the robust twister bearing is implemented.


Eye-catching and bright colours thanks to patented circular LED light with 36 diodes (18 blue, 18 red diodes). Enermax LED fans shine many times brighter than ordinary LED fans.
The leading Enermax LED technology creates unmatched effects due to the patented circular LED light with 36 diodes (18x blue, 18x red). Two colours (Blue and Red). LED mode button included.Curved LED flashes
Focus Blades with light reflex strips to create exceptional, curved rays of light.werful Cooling
High-performance Turbine Blades providing an air flow rate of max. 121,93 m3/h
Turning knob for easy and comfortable speed adjustments
Smooth and persistent silent thanks to patented Twister Bearing Technology (up 100,000 hours MTBF).
Detachable blades for easy cleaning from dust.
Four isolator mounts reduce vibrations and make the fan installation easier

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 139 x139 x 25mm
Fan colour: Grey frame, transparent fan blades
LED colours: Blue, red 18 diodes each
Nominal speed: 700 ~ 1.500 U/min (+/- 10%)
Airflow: 71,99 - 154,27 m³/h; 42,37 - 90,80 CFM
Static pressure: 0,885 - 1,772 mmH2O
Minimum noise emissions: 15 dB(A)
Power consumption: 7.2 W
Nominal voltage: 12 V
Current draw: 0,6 A
Bearing technology : Twister
Lifespan: 100.000 hrs

Extent of delivery:

14cm T.B.Vegas Duo fan
4x Anti-vibration absorbers
Adhesive tape for mounting of LED switch