» KOOLANCE RP-452X2 Rev.2.0 2x 5.25" + Adaptador 2x D5
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Revision 2.0 includes a 180-degree copper pipe and acrylic bypass piece for optional serial installation.

Koolance, one of the most well-known water cooling manufacturers form the US, has once again developed a product which is yet to be matched in design, performance and quality! Designed for mounting in two 5.25" drive bays this reservoir fits perfectly into the front of your water cooled PC. The great looks of this reservoir can be additionally underlined with up to four 3mm LEDs which light the coolant from both side of the reservoir.

From the performance side this reservoir offers the basis for one of the strongest water cooling pumps on the market! It is possible to use one or even two pumps with this unit. With a connector at the side of the reservoir the pumps can be used either for separate cooling loops or can be set for serial operation for maximum performance in one loop. This offers the possibility of maximum flow rates and speed, hence achieving cooling performance which would otherwise not be possible. To prevent air from being sucked in with all this power the inside of the reservoir is equipped with a special structure which deflects air bubbles, hence allowing pure coolant to be sucked in by the pumps. For filling the reservoir can simply be pulled out a bit from the drive bays and the fill opening screw plug can be removed for filling. The threaded filling opening also makes this reservoir perfect for implementation of a Fillport!

The materials used on this reservoir are a classic mix of Acetal, aluminium and acrylic in only the highest quality as always from Koolance. At the rear the reservoir is equipped with four G1/4" threaded connection openings which are marked as Inlets or Outlets. If only one pump is connected two of the openings can be sealed with the included screw plugs. The reservoir unit is mounted in the drive bays just like an optical drive with suitable mounting threads.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (LxWxH): 14,8cm x 13,6cm x 8,5cm
Capacity: 158ml
Weight: 1.2kg
LED holes: 4x 3mm

Extent of delivery:

Koolance RP-452X2 Dual 5.25" Reservoir for 1-2 PMP-450/S & D5 Pumps