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Product Description

The BitFenix Spectre Fan is engineered for both silent operation and maximum airflow. The spectre will keep your entire system well ventilated without making it sound like an airplane hangar. Spectre Fans are designed with sickle fan blades, which enhance airflow without producing excess noise. Fluid dynamic bearings reduce friction for long life and quiet operation, while an attractive matte finish gives your entire system a look that's second to none.

Powerful yet whisper-quiet - The Spectre Fan Series.


Silent Operation

Keeping your cool shouldn't mean having to make a racket at the same time. BitFenix Spectre fans are designed to cool silently, so you can keep you mind focused on the task at hand.

Enhanced Airflow

Spectre Fans feature sickle fan blades, which create a torrent of air without creating excess noise. This means that your system stays cool in the heat of battle without disturbing your computing environment.

Fluid Dynamic Bearings

FDB technology keeps things running smoothly by reducing friction for long life and silent operation.

Aggressive Looks

Spectre Fans are made out of thermoplastic crystalline polymer, which lends a luxurious matte finish. Made from quality materials, Spectre keeps your system looking great.


Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Current: 0.10 A
Speed: 1000 +/-10%RPM
Air Flow: 47.7+/-10%
Noise: <20 dBA
Air Pressure: 0.62 mmH2O
Material: PBT Plastic
Bearing Type: Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB)
Voltage: 12 V DC

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