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Fillport - Punto de Llenado - Niquelado

Universally compatible fillport for watercooling systems. The fillport can easily be connected to the reservoir with a hose and allows comfortable refilling and deaeration without having to disassemble the PC. The fillport can be installed e.g. in the top of the case and can easily be reached. The integrated O-ring allows a flush fit in the case and also seals the Fillport tightly.


* Cut a 1" hole (2,54cm cm) in the top or side of your case
* Push the fillport into the hole
* Secure the fillport with the plastic counter nut from inside of the case
* Connect the hose with the reservoir ot t-piece fitting
* Secure the hose with a hose clamp or zip tie

Technical data:

Material: Nickel coated brass
Thread: G1/4" (please order hose fitting separately)
Length: 25mm (without fitting)