» Conector 45º Giratorio G1/4" 16/13mm Compacto-Negro
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Conector de Compresión 45º Giratorio Rosca G1/4" p/manguera de 16/13mm. Negro. Modelo Compacto con Tuerca Estriada

High-grade and robust compression fitting with cylindrical thread (G1/4"). the hose is fixated safely by the union nut and seals immediately, yet it can easily be released with one hand. This fittings is freely revolvable (360°) and is angled by 45°.
Ideal for systems with high flow and little space as well as for Chipset cooling, graphics card cooling or DIY projects. This systems ensures maximum safety and ease of installation.

Technical specifications:

Material: Black nickel plated brass
Connection thread size: G1/4"
Hose compatibility: 16/13mm
Height: 18mm
Thread length: 5mm
Diameter: 23mm