» Conector 45º Giratorio G1/4" 16/13mm Moleteado
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Conector de Compresión 45º Giratorio Rosca G1/4" p/manguera de 16/13mm. Niquelado. Tuerca y Base Moleteada

High-grade and robust compression fitting with cylindrical thread (G1/4"). The hose is fixated with the union nut and is safely sealed, yet it can simply be released by hand. The fitting is angled by 45° and can be revolved freely (360°).
Ideal for systems with high flow and little space as well as Chipset cooling, VGA cooling or DIY projects. This system ensures maximum safety and ease of installation.

Technical specifications:

Material: Nickel plated brass
Connectors: G1/4" connection thread and 16/13mm hose connector
Height: 52mm